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Supporting clients around the world in building and maintaining better, more efficient and more operable pipelines.

Onshore pipeline expansion comes with challenges

Newly constructed transmission pipelines are getting larger as new oil and gas fields are discovered and developed farther from final consumption markets. Onshore pipeline construction and onshore pipeline design, consider the fact that these onshore pipelines cross a variety of challenging and extreme environments– deserts, permafrost regions, mountains. Thus pipelines built in these types of environments require anti-corrosion and mechanical protection to ensure pipeline function and longevity.

We partner with you to minimize uncertainty and maximize your field’s potential.

Shawcor works with clients on virtually every aspect of onshore pipeline construction and onshore pipeline design. Our domain expertise in onshore pipe coating, inspection technology, innovations in manufacturing, materials science and project management empowers us to deliver truly comprehensive solutions to our customers. Whatever the nature of the environment or specifications of the project, our products adhere to the highest of quality standards to unlock your field’s potential.

The Safety of Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Transmission Pipeline Systems is Critical to All Stakeholders

As countries continue to develop and place more demands on energy transportation, it becomes necessary to invest in upgraded infrastructure, including aging pipelines. The continued use of aging cast and wrought iron pipelines and old pipe joints design combined with the degrading nature of iron alloys have a significantly increased risk. At Shawcor, we are committed to offering solutions to optimize your onshore assets while not compromising safety. Our advanced knowledge of onshore pipeline design, advanced onshore pipeline construction methods, onshore pipe coating systems and flexible pipe to inspection maintenance shows our commitment to integrity and performance. We help companies maintain the highest standard through our inspection and maintenance services and products that safely extend the lifespan of their pipelines.


As unconventional reserves are naturally more difficult to access, efficient and economical production throughout the value chain is a top priority.

The conditions of your specific project should not affect the potential of your assets. Shawcor's terrain-specific knowledge and expertise in onshore pipeline construction assure our clients that we use the most cost-efficient, economical yet innovative technologies that have established us as the leader in pipelines and tubing for unconventional wells.

Managing Production Efficiency Reduces Costs and Environmental Impact

From onshore pipeline design and onshore pipeline construction to drilling and stimulation tubing and production optimization, you need a collaborative relationship that reduces flow uncertainty, mitigates production challenges and economically produces reserves at an optimal rate. With help from us, our clients achieve time and cost savings and less personnel on location, all while reducing the environmental footprint.

Here are a few examples of how we are partnering to solve pipeline challenges in unconventional plays.


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