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Establishing and maintaining pipeline integrity through appropriate products, services, guidance and collaboration.

Thousands of miles of transmission pipelines are used to transport crude oil and natural gas from their respective gathering systems to refining, processing or storage facilities, as well as to customers, for use or for further distribution. The safety of construction, operation and maintenance of transmission pipeline systems is critical to all stakeholders.

Newly constructed transmission pipelines are getting larger as new oil and gas fields are discovered and developed farther from final consumption markets. Onshore pipelines cross a variety of environments, many of them challenging or even extreme—deserts, permafrost regions, mountains. Pipelines being built in these types of environments require anti-corrosion and mechanical protection.

Aging cast and wrought iron pipelines are among the oldest energy pipelines constructed. Many of these pipelines were installed over 60 years ago and still deliver natural gas to homes and businesses today. The degrading nature of iron alloys, the age of the pipelines and old pipe joints design have greatly increased the risk involved with continued use of such pipelines. As countries continue to develop and place more demands on energy transportation, it becomes necessary to invest in upgrading its infrastructure, including aging pipelines.

Shawcor plays a key role in establishing pipeline integrity by providing appropriate products, guidance and collaboration in the design, production and installation of new transmission pipelines. Shawcor also helps companies maintain the integrity of their pipelines with inspection and maintenance services, and products to safely extend the lifespan of pipelines.

With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

With global, continually growing operations, there’s always something new on the horizon.

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