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Helping to transform unconventional resources into sustainably producible reserves.

As unconventional reserves are naturally more difficult to access, efficient and economical production throughout the value chain is a top priority. From drilling and stimulation tubing to production optimization, you need a collaborative relationship that reduces flow uncertainty, mitigates production challenges, and economically produces reserves at an optimal rate.

Our terrain-specific knowledge and expertise, global experience and innovative technologies have established Shawcor as the leader in pipelines and tubing for unconventional wells. We connect our clients with lessons learned locally and by replicating successes in emerging unconventional markets worldwide.

Managing the efficiency of production saves costs and reduces environmental impact

Clients involve us to achieve reliable and efficient operations. Our cooperation results in less capital and fewer personnel on location, time and cost savings, and reduced environmental footprint.

Here are a few examples of how we are partnering to solve pipeline challenges in unconventional plays.


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