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Impinge-applied Concrete Weight Coating

HeviCote® is the leading weight and protection pipe coating system designed to provide negative buoyancy and mechanical protection for pipelines in submarine and wet environments. HeviCote® uses an impingement process to apply lightweight, normal weight and heavy weight concrete coatings, making it ideal for large diameter pipelines. The product is available in various thicknesses and densities and can be applied over anti-corrosion and insulation coatings.

  • Can be applied in a wide range of densities and thicknesses to meet project requirements
  • Available in thicknesses up to 230 mm (9”) providing a high level of mechanical protection and stability
  • Can be enhanced with additional features including bendability slots or crack inducers, buckle arrestors and sacrificial anodes
  • Depending on design requirements, HeviCote® can be manufactured with a reinforcing wire cage, galvanized reinforcing wire mesh, or both
  • Can be applied over anti-corrosion and insulation coating systems, enabling project teams to choose the most appropriate weight and protection coating system without compromising the long term corrosion protection of the pipeline
  • Available from a network of coating plants strategically located across the world to minimize pipe transportation costs
  • High productivity, can be manufactured in a single plant or in multiple coating plants if project schedule or logistic require

Product Properties

Density 1800-3450 kg/m3 (112-215 lbs/ft3)
Compressive strength (28 days) 40-50 MPa (5800-7250 psi)
Minimum concrete thickness 25 mm (1”)
Maximum concrete thickness 230 mm (9”)
Minimum pipe diameter 150 mm (6”)
Maximum pipe diameter 1422 mm (56”)
Minimum pipe length 8.5 m (28')
Maximum pipe length 18 m (60')

As density and compressive strength are design variables for HeviCote®, the values above are given as a general guideline.

Values shown are typical and may vary from plant to plant. Consult with Shawcor for special requirements.

* Characteristic cube compressive strength

Applications / Assets

  • Flowlines
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Large Diameter Pipelines
  • Oil Pipelines
  • Small Diameter Pipelines
  • Transmission Lines


Last Updated: 2/3/2021 9:50:30 AM
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