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High Shrink Sleeves

Sleeves for corrosion protection of high profile joints

Canusa High Shrink Sleeves are superior performance heat shrinkable products designed for corrosion protection of flanges, casings, bell and spigot joints and other high profile couplings.

High Shrink Sleeves consist of a crosslinked polyolefin backing, coated with a protective heat sensitive adhesive which effectively bonds to steel substrates and common pipeline coatings including polyethylene and fusion bonded epoxy.

Flexible & Reliable Installation

  • High Shrink products are available in three different configurations for flexibility of installation
  • The patented Wrapid Sleeve™(WS) incorporates a one-piece pre-attached closure strip that has been factory applied resulting in quick and reliable field installation
  • The CanusaWrap™ (CW) configuration is supplied in a bulk roll, with separate closure seals, providing just-in-time customized lengths. This flexibility results in reduced inventories and cost savings on the job site
  • The CanusaTube™ (CT) consists of a unique tubular configuration that has been factory constructed, resulting in quick and reliable field installation

Long-Term Corrosion Protection

  • Once installed, the High Shrink Sleeve products have excellent structural integrity, and provide the substrate with durable protection against mechanical and chemical attack. The high performance crosslinked backing provides superior abrasion resistance and can be engineered for regular or high stress environments. In combination with Canusa’s high performance adhesives, the High Shrink Sleeve provides excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment resulting in effective long term corrosion protection.

Product Properties

Test Method K-60 PMOF PMA
Pipeline Operating Temp. Up to 60°C
Up to 50°C (122°F) Up to 50°C (122°F)
Minimum Installation Temp. 65°C
Main Line Coating Compatibility PE, PP, FBE, PU, AE, CTE PE, PU, FBE PE, PU, FBE
Adhesive Properties
Softening Point ASTM E28 87°C 91°C 72°C
Lap Shear Strength ISO 21809-3 35 N/cm2 30 N/cm2 60 N/cm2
Backing Properties
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 20 MPa 20 MPa 20 MPa
Elongation ASTM D638 600% 600% 600%
Hardness ASTM D2240 46 Shore D 46 Shore D 46 Shore D
Volume Resistivity ASTM D257 1017 ohm-cm 1017 ohm-cm 1017 ohm-cm
Sleeve Properties
Adhesion Strength @ 23°C ISO 21809-3 15 N/cm 70 N/cm 10 N/cm
Impact Strength ISO 21809-3 5 J/mm 5 J/mm 5 J/mm
Cathodic Disbondment ASTM G8 8 mm rad 13 mm rad 13 mm rad
Low Temp. Flexibility ASTM D2671 -14°C -14°C -14°C
EN Approval EN 12068 Class C30 - Class C50
Product Selection Guide
Pipe Diameter
DIN 2633
PN 16
Bell & Spigot (Tyton)
DN 25 1" PMA 70/25, 50/20 - - For K-60 HS70, cut the sleeve to the circumference of the bell profile + 100mm.
Approximate lengths are shown
DN 32/40 1½" PMA 90/30 - -
DN 50 2" PMA 120/40 K-60 HS200 185/65 -
DN 65 2.5" PMA 120/40 K-60 HS200 185/65 PMOF 200/70
DN 80 3" PMA 170/80 K-60 HS200 200/70 PMOF 240/90 K-60 HS150 CT 170/85 K-60 HS70 600 mm
DN 100 4" PMA 200/100 K-60 HS200 220/80 PMOF 240/90 K-60 HS150 CT 230/105, 200/100 K-60 HS70 650 mm
DN 125 5" PMA 255/130 K-60 HS200 315/110 PMOF 300/110 K-60 HS70 CT 230/105, 200/100 K-60 HS70 725 mm
DN 150 6" PMA 255/130 K-60 HS200 315/110 PMOF 300/110 K-60 HS70 CT 260/160, 270/160 K-60 HS70 800 mm
DN 200 8" PMA 425/210 K-60 HS200 340/120 PMOF 360/130 K-60 HS70 CT 310/195, 335/205 K-60 HS70 1000 mm
DN 250 10" K-60 HS70 1500 mm K-60 HS70 1400 mm PMOF 470/170 K-60 HS70 CT 380/230, 395/255 K-60 HS70 1200 mm
DN 300 12" K-60 HS70 1700 mm K-60 HS70 1600 mm PMOF 470/170 K-60 HS70 CT 420/265, 455/285 K-60 HS70 1350 mm
DN 400 16" K-60 HS70 1950 mm K-60 HS70 2100 mm - - K-60 HS70 1700 mm
DN 500 20" K-60 HS70 2250 mm K-60 HS70 2300 mm - - K-60 HS70 2000 mm

For pipe diameters > DN 500 (20”), consult your Canusa representative

Applications / Assets

  • Bell and Spigot
  • Couplings
  • Flanges


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