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High Performance Powder Coating

High Performance Powder Coating (HPPC) is an advanced powder-based system that represents the latest development in anti-corrosion systems. This coating system consists of a fusion bonded epoxy layer, a polyolefin adhesive layer and a tough powder based polyethylene top coat. HPPC is designed to protect buried oil and gas pipelines in environments where excellent mechanical protection, moisture and corrosion resistance are required. The innovative HPPC coating process allows for a substantially better weld seam coverage than for other typical extruded polyolefin based systems, further ensuring the integrity of your assets.

Powder Based System Enhances Overall Asset Integrity

  • The powder based system provides long term asset integrity through increased compliance with cathodic protection systems
  • The FBE component of HPPC provides excellent adhesion to steel, providing excellent long term corrosion resistance and protection of pipelines operating up to 85°C

Fused Monolithic Coating System

  • The unique application process of HPPC results in a fused, monolithic profile that prevents delamination and loss of adhesion
  • HPPC provides excellent uniform coverage of the weld bead profile, preventing tenting and weaknesses in the coating cross-section
  • Polyethylene component protects the pipeline during transportation, reducing costly repairs while also providing added in-ground protection against shear forces, chemicals and abrasive soil conditions

Engineered Solutions

  • Lean manufacturing techniques and regional footprint allow competitive cost basis on North American projects
  • The system can be applied in a range of thicknesses to cost effectively meet unique project specifications and performance requirements

Excellent Handling and Flexibility Characteristics

  • HPPC demonstrates excellent field handling and cold weather flexibility characteristics, minimizing construction installation costs.

Product Properties

Capability/property HPPC
Minimum pipe diameter 356 mm (14")
Maximum pipe diameter* 1066 mm + (42”+)
Minimum recommended handling and construction temperature -45°C
Maximum recommended operating temperature 85°C
Bendability Yes

Applications / Assets

  • Flowlines
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Large Diameter Pipelines
  • Mainline Coating
  • Oil Pipelines
  • Oil Sands Pipelines
  • Transmission Lines


Last Updated: 2/3/2021 9:51:04 AM
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