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3-layer Polypropylene Anti-corrosion Systems

IMPP TF is an innovative and technologically advanced polypropylene anti-corrosion coating system designed for the field joint areas of pipelines coated with 3LPP coatings. This three-layer anti-corrosion system consists of a high performance Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) followed by a co-polymer adhesive and an outer layer of solid injection moulded polypropylene. IMPP TF can be designed and installed in a wide range of thicknesses and configurations to meet specific performance and subsea installation requirements for both shallow and deep water applications.

High Temperature Corrosion Protection

  • The system provides excellent long-term anti-corrosion protection for field joints in subsea environments and can be used in harsh environments with operating temperatures up to 140°C (285°F) and no depth limitations
  • The superior adhesion properties of the FBE result in excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment, reducing the total cost of the pipeline’s cathodic protection system

Excellent Mechanical Protection

  • The IMPP TF field joint coating system has been designed to provide the highest level of mechanical protection available in the industry
  • The tough outer layer of injection moulded polypropylene protects the field joint area against shear forces and impacts during transportation, installation and the entire service life of the pipeline

Flexible Installation

  • Application equipment and teams can be quickly mobilized to any location required by the customer
  • IMPP TF can be applied onshore on spoolbases (for subsequent reel-lay installation) and other project sites, as well as offshore on S-lay and J-lay pipelaying vessels

Unique Compatibility

  • The IMPP TF field joint coating system is compatible with all the existing 3-layer polypropylene (3LPP) coating systems used on pipelines
  • The interface between the field joint system and the parent coating is fused during the application process, so that the polypropylene material becomes continuous and is not susceptible to cracking or delamination during installation and operation

Product Properties

Maximum operating temperature 140°C (285°F)
Maximum water depth Unlimited

Applications / Assets

  • Flowlines
  • Risers


Last Updated: 2/3/2021 9:58:21 AM
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