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2-Layer Polyethylene Coating

PRITEC® is a 2-layer anti-corrosion coating designed to protect pipes used for oil and gas, as well as water and waste water pipelines. The PRITEC® side extrusion application method is ideal for coating both small and large diameter pipes. This coating combines the proven protective qualities of a tough polyethylene outer coating with a special corrosion resistant butyl rubber adhesive.

Corrosion Protection

The PRITEC® butyl rubber adhesive provides superior adhesion properties that resist cathodic disbondment minimizing the cost of cathodic protection requirements.

Mechanical Protection

The tough outer layer of polyethylene combined with the superior adhesion qualities of the butyl rubber adhesive layer protects the coated pipe from the stresses of handling, laying and backfilling the pipeline.

Low Total Installed Cost

  • PRITEC® resists most biological, chemical and environmental contaminants found in the soil, allowing for the use of some native backfill which can reduce the overall project cost
  • PRITEC® is a very cost effective way to protect all types of pipe lines, from the supply of potable water and waste water applications to high pressure oil and gas transmission lines

Product Properties

Minimum pipe diameter 100 mm (4”)
Maximum pipe diameter 3680 mm + (145”)
Minimum recommended handling and construction temperature -40°C
Maximum recommended operating temperature 80°C
Bendability yes

Applications / Assets

  • Gas Pipelines
  • Large Diameter Pipelines
  • Oil Pipelines
  • Small Diameter Pipelines
  • Waterworks Pipelines


Last Updated: 10/20/2017 8:42:29 AM
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