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SureFlo(TM) SF

Solvent Free Internal Epoxy Coating

SureFlo™ SF is an epoxy coating applied in natural gas pipelines to smooth the internal pipe surface for improved flow. The SureFlo™ SF is a high performance, solvent-free formulation designed to meet strict environmental regulations and to provide maximum flow efficiency for gas pipelines.

Ultra Smooth Finish

  • Application of SureFlo™ SF replaces the internal rough surface of a steel pipe with a very smooth surface finish
  • Reduction in friction and turbulence significantly increases flow efficiency, which may allow for the use of a reduced diameter pipe or lower compression requirements resulting in reduced capital and operating costs respectively

Improved Internal Surface Cleanliness

  • Thicker film provides temporary corrosion protection during storage prior to pipeline construction
  • Enhancement of visual inspection of internal pipe surfaces and improved pigging efficiency. The cleaner surface reduces the cost and effort of drying the pipe after hydrostatic testing

Environmentally Friendly

  • This solvent-free product designed to meet strict health, safety and environmental standards
  • Reduced capital and operating cost for solvent containment and recovery/disposal

Global Availability

  • Available from a network of coating plants strategically located across the world to minimize pipe transportation costs
  • Can be manufactured in a single plant or in multiple coating plants to improve project logistics
  • High capacity within the Shawcor plant network allows the client to benefit from single source advantages, providing more cost effective management of pipe coating needs

Product Properties

Minimum recommended handling and construction temperature -30°C (-22°F)*
Maximum recommended operating temperature 100°C
Bendability Yes

* For operations outside of recommended operating temperatures, please consult Shawcor.

Applications / Assets

  • Gas Pipelines
  • Large Diameter Pipelines
  • Subsea Infrastructure


Last Updated: 2/3/2021 9:54:42 AM
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