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Thermotite (Polypropylene Foam)

Polypropylene Insulation Systems

Thermotite® is a polypropylene based foam subsea insulation system designed for flow assurance.

System Description:

  • Layer 1,2,3: 3-layer anti-corrosion system - Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE), PP co-polymer adhesive and solid PP
  • Layer 4: Thermal insulation - PP foam
  • Layer 5: Mechanical and UV protective layer - solid PP

Superior Insulation Properties and Unmatched Mechanical Performance

  • Lower thermal conductivity results in lower achievable U values
  • Extended cool-down time
  • The system can be installed using all subsea laying methods including reeling, S-lay and J-lay
  • Mechanically resilient product constructed from impact resistant ductile materials
  • The system is extensively tested for tensioner clamp loads, axial shear loads and fatigue, delivering excellent performance

FJ Compatibility

  • Thermotite® IMPP
  • Nemo 1.1
  • Nemo 2.1
  • Hybrid Solution

Value Added Services

  • Streamlined delivery schedules, product standardization and quality assurance practices due to simplified processing operations
  • Universally and readily available project management and logistics support from multiple existing plant locations

Product Properties

CAPABILITY/PROPERTY Thermotite® (polypropylene foam)
Minimum pipe diameter 50 mm (2”)
Maximum pipe diameter 600mm (24")
Minimum operating temperature -35°C (-30°F)
Maximum operating temperature 150°C (302°F)
Minimum pipe length 9 m (30’)
Maximum pipe length 26 m (85’)
Thermal conductivity (k-value) 0.165-0.185 W/m*k
Overall heat transfer coeff. (U-value) >2.5W/m2*K (.44BTU/hr*ft2*F)
Water depth <500m(1640') *Typical water-depth. contact expert for more information

Applications / Assets

  • Offshore, Reel, J & S Lay
  • Oil Pipelines
  • Small Diameter Pipelines
  • Subsea Infrastructure


Last Updated: 2/3/2021 10:01:11 AM
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